Wednesday, January 12, 2005

so everyone was late for school today cuz of the ice and ish. so there was careers and i forgot my folder and i was so scared of losing marks haha n then slobo didnt even come til like the class was almost over so it was good. i still wish i had mrs smith though, i felt bad for her cuz everyone was so dot dot dotted and some were just being plain rude and talking. allala science, ahahah mr lee was liek 15 minutes late so we were like chillin. same with accounting. ahahah all we did was like talk and subtlely "study" and french was cool, having a test and still being able to talk. mr rad is so cool ahha popcorn while writing a test. history was like a study period too. just talking again. ahahha and finally math class. talking again and yet doing work at the same time. hahaha n then jo pheebs jen and i were like staring at mr vermont's writing and complimenting on how nice it was. n there goes me and my mouth saying how girly it was and how he could have been a woman in a previous life LOLLL JOKES! hahaha n then that discussion ended with some laughs n then
me: how do you do this question?.. i forgot
mr vermont: i'm not helping you since you insulted me like that
me: what are you talking about? being a woman is a wonderful thing!
mr vermont: (asks the guys in the class) how many of you guys want to be a woman?
*no one raises hands*
how many of you girls want to be a man? *jen quickly shoots up her hand* LOL
n then i forget what i said or he said n then
me: but we make the babies!
me: ahahah riiight, but delivering hurts! not...that.. i would know or anything. hahaha

minutes later... i ask mr vermont if i could go cry my eyes out in the guidance office when i really wanted the candy. n then so i get candy and suddenly he appears behind me n then i'm like "i got you candy??" harharhar
oh he makes me laugh.

n then mikey comes after school what a loser for not having school n then i skipped orchestra for...studying :)
school's not THAT bad, but exams STILL stink.