Saturday, January 01, 2005

well i'm gonna write about the last day of 2004 even though it's technically the first day of 2005. HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES! so yeah, it started out as my alarm clock ringing at 10am. but i turned it off, as always. and the next time i woke up it was 12 15 pm. and i was supposed to be at fv at 12 30pm to meet my ay-ers. so like UH OH. so then i'm like rushing to get dressed and eating my breakfast. yeah so then i get there at like 1ish. and they were all like waiting for me in the balcony. yeah so a few of them got their tixx for meet the fockers which was at 1 10. and basically it was too late for me to get it cuz the line up was so long already. so thennn. jasonchan, kai, sebi, tian, mish, and lydia go in to watch it. and there goes me and jas, tim, susanna buying our 2 50pm fat albert tickets. wowwie, so then the 4 of us are like walking around bored silly, kinda. haha we got bored of the stores so easily. lalala so then we watch fat albert. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. it was jut liek 10 minutes into the movie n then the kids who watched meet the fockers come in. LIKE OMW. they didnt miss anything and they just had like perfect timing. so lucky them, paying $4.25 for 2 good movies. pooooeyyy. allalal so then all the girls wanna go shopping and the guys are like GRRR. i buy this shirt for 10 bucks :):):). but then ahahah missshhh is like superly obsessed with shopping so she took a really long time. tian even had to fake his "diarrhea" hahaha but i guess it didnt work. allala so then we give up waitin for mish to finish her shopping lol. so then we wait at sport chek til susanna's and kai's parents came to pick them up. n then kai was like, "rachel do you have msn?" n then i'm like "yeah," n then jason's like "what? rachelf***" so then, kai and jason start laughing and its not funny at all. n then after everything i say jason says it all over again. okay ldadadada we like go take the bus and it was like 11 degrees celcius out there. so hot, and so sad cuz all the snows melting :(:(:( so then we get to mish's house. tian gets on his drums, mish is on the piano. tim plugs in his xbox and starts playing with jae, lydia and jason. n there's me, just as an observer hahaha. well i had the mic i tried singing but i didnt have the lyrics. but still cool :) we tried playing mahjong but stupid tim tian and sebi kept hiding the mahjong pieces so we couldnt play >=[ so then that wasted some of my mahjong time. finally charmaine comes to copy her media arts things so i had to leave for mtee's house. i kinda wanted to stay, but they werent doing anything especially special like they did last time. it was more jokes then. ahhaha they were just playing xbox >=[ pooey so then char takes me to mtee's house. i watched tv for like 2 hours (my lovely chinese soaps). ate, and tried playing piano cuz stoopido char kept trying to show off her piano skills :P lol. pooey ladeda, so then we watch white chicks AGAIN. kinda bored of it now. llallaa n then we do our countdown. ahhaha char was such a lesbian. and she made my butt wet cuz we were all so hot. allala n then i was like when it hits 12 am, youre supposd to kiss your boyfriend. n then me and char happened to be beside each other. so we're like ew i dont wnana kiss you. hahaha n then we're like leslie and ml should kiss. but they woouuuuldnt. aha yeah so then after it hits 12 am. mteee pours the wine. its not as bad as the other wines i tasted but still, i couldnt tolerate the..alcoholicness. haha and charmaine gladly takes the wine. alalala okay then we do our karaoke. and we suckk like crazyyyy. hahaha we only passed once. nthen i leave. aahh everything sounds so rushed but i'm like superly tired cuz its like past 2 am right now. but still, final words. new year, new beginning. and i'm glad for that :) i hope you all had a great 2004. cuz i sure did :) wuffle you alll sooooooo flippin muuuchhh!