Saturday, February 05, 2005

first ever tc training

wow okay, so i woke up very early to shower, cuz i had to go to tc training. oh so saddening is that i missed the vball, but hey i think the sacrifice was worth it to go to training anyway. so it started out me being like 15 minutes late walking in during prayer, and there were like no seats in the front row where friends were, so i had to take a seat right at the very back like a reject.. :( lalala so it was like games just to kinda break the ice. and well, we were like supposedly to join in groups of 6 ONLY (which i didnt know), so then me jo nd pheebs kinda like forced to join some group of six (we're such rejects) lalla so jo was chosen to speak, but i think she has stage fright? cuz she keeps laughing. n then we do some other activity where we pick someone to ask about why they wanna be a tc captain. and wes just so happens to be beside me so yeah. lol when i was asked to introduce westley and his reason for captaining, i'm sorry but i made you look bad and i didnt even say what you said. lalala okay so then alvin asked me to ask someone else. and the only person that told me not to pick her was jo and so i picked jo. just for the fun of it cuz she was asked to talk before. and she kept repeating the first half of her sentence like 5 times and kept laughing. n then yu ling does this kinda of incredibles slideshow to show diff types of teammates we might encounter and it was coool. oh and they did the nerd vs. chug (chinese thug) too. anywaay n then i forget what we did but i had to go to ortho. and i am very eager to get my braces off but grr! stupid doc wants it for longer. yo it better be before june otherwise i'm gonna be tres pissed. anyway so i came back and then we had to do some group activity again. lalla n then mike kept getting bored so he kept flicking me with his pen. wow so i think we all have our co captains ready. it'll be so great its like perfectoness. me and jay. bee and mike. jo and wes. yaaay ceeeeleeebrate good times come on! allal okay so my first highlight of the day was playing jitz. wow tcmc is so lucky.. a church with a pool table and a jitz table! ahhaha me and jo dont even know how to play jitz and yet we keep fluking our supposedly nice "passes" and "shots" and i put that in quotes cuz i even think we even do it properly. LOL ahhaha jo just twitches and i just twirl randomly. hahaha and then us and making fun of wes' WOT THE! and the YO GUY! ahhahaha jokes maaan, even though i didnt enjoy playing with adam, i still had fun playing with jo wes and whatever that guy's name was cuz we soooo totally schooled them flukingly or maybe it was just plain natural skills! so theeennn jay's dad comes to pick us up n then i ask his dad if jay could take us for a spin around the church's parking lot just to experience his driving. hahah though jay took a bit to convince his dad, he managed it! so then i was kinda like nervous, but then i am so freaking proud of youu! and guess what kiddies? I WAS JAY'S FIRST RIDE. MWARHARHARHAR. okay so yeah we went to the gas station and jay had to go out and wash the car's turdy windows and me not wanting to be bored in the car watching them was the windows and fill up the gas, joined in too. i havent washed car windows in like what 10 years. so then i was like trying to make the windows nice and clean without makin them blotchy with window cleaner. okayyy n then we drive back to jay's house. and jay i love your house! n then we go up to his room. and holy mo, hahaha his room is just as messy as mine. maybe a tad bitter messier only cuz he has a bigger room and so that makes it a bigger mess. okay so yeah here are the pix though i kinda look funky. :S i dont think i shall stick out my tongue again. lol i dont even think it looks like my tongue, it makes it look like my mouth is bloody or something. and jay made me wear his "chuggy" cap so here they are:

okay so yeah n then i was like trying to clean up his room ahahha cuz seriously it was like clothes and papers EVERYWHERE. but i dont really think i should be talking cuz thats how my room is too. ahhaha n then i go to this thing that somehow looks like a clothes rack thingie only to find out that it was his electronic drums -_- (only cuz so many clothes were on it) n then i leaned on it to get up from the floor and then one of the drums like shifted position n then i fell and now i have a big humungo bruise on my knee :(:( poopie. n then i think we went to eat. n then we played ps2 ddr (i stink at it) n then we played chinese checkers but never got around to finishing it cuz my dad came. but hey it was still fun exploring your house. n then now i ended up here. new furniture, though it really does not complement the rest of my house. but hey better than nothing right? *shrugs* yay okay i'm done. happie day