Monday, February 07, 2005

monday: full of laughs

ahhaha today was such a great day. i never knew it was possible to be happy on a monday. ahha so today it started out with careers dadeda nothin special. then came science class. poor mr lee hurt his shoulder and couldnt move his neck but it was SOOOO funny. but i wont go into detail cuz its mean other than the fact that me jo and pheebs kept laughing. what meaniepoos we are. n then pheebs starts having this yelling spasm with flapping arms at mr lee. n then me jo and a few other people are like laughing so freaking hard at her though pheebs dint even know what was funny. n then nathan asks something i forget. that had to do with him saying the word "axed" even though he meant to say "asked" ahhaha n then me and jo have this conversation where almost every other word included "axed" only to tease nathan. ahahha so funny. its like:
me: jo i needa axe you a question
jo: what do you want to axe me?
me: well i wanna axe you something about what i wanted to axe you earlier
jo: so what do you wanna axe me about?
me: i dont know what i wanna axe you

something like that, dont remmeber what exactly but something along that line and it was so jokes. n then lunch came dadeda french n then history class. we kept counting down the days and drawing lil hearts on each of our agendas.. or bee and i was. n then math class. holy mo, i dont think i've been that annoyed in my life. jo starts humming to the song "shape of my heart" n then i join in n then bee joins in. but then me nd jo drop out eventually cuz it gets repetitive. but there goes bee on and on. lol just when she's dying down at the end of the chorus she starts up again. i thought i was gonna die. LOL so me and jo try to get the hamster dance in her head or some other song but it didnt work. n she keeps humming...

i'm not great at explaining things but hey as long as i know i had a great day.