Saturday, February 12, 2005

pre-vday stuff

so today me, jo, pheebs, josh, and mike all went to pmall and did whatever we do at pmall... which is just walk around. lol jo got her ear pierced, she seemed calm like the first time she got her first holes. then pheebs gets her ear pierced. and mike says to jo: "does it hurt?" and then jo goes: "no my hand hurts more" i was like confused at first cuz i didnt know what she was talking about until i saw pheebs squeezing her hand while pheebs was getting her ear pierced. then mike gets his ear pierced. it looks goooooood you kidddddss. allalal n then we go take stickie pics, and storeowners were SO badmouthing us cuz we gave them like all quarters and pennies. maybe a few loonies. but still. ahahha poor josh kept getting cut out. n then we walk to mix2 and we see marco and ben (what a cutie pie!) there. hahah omw i suck. i think im gonna stick to jitz until i get better at pool :S ahhaha and pheebs improved though her love for wanting to look like a pro didnt get better. ahahha and then holy moly it took forever to walk to the bus stop. n then stupid gayarse bus driver was like spazzing cuz i didnt have my money ready? stupid. i was like pissed for half the bus ride. n then we get off, and i really had to go pee and i'm like squirming my way to jen's church. aahhh okay yeah n then james wes and kev are already sitting there. poor guys, they looked bored out of their minds. but hey they wanted to go. hahaha our server spilled soup on joey. haha poor guy. food was good. ribs and pasta. but i couldnt eat the ribs without using my fingers. and holy mo we all looked liek savages. ahha pheebs is like trying to look see mun. oh man i felt so rude and unladylike cuz i gave up using forks and knives. worship was cool :) middle aged chinese people jumping all over the place. it's really sweet, but so jokes at the same time. cuz usually older chinese people are really reserved. okay i'm tired, and i better end up at church tomoro morning so toodaloooooo