Wednesday, March 09, 2005


okay even though it was a drag TRYING to write poems all day. today made me ooohhh soo happie.even though i was a tad bit late for chamber night with jay. it was soo worth it. watching henry and tian and kai do their thing. omg, i had no idea henry could sing. he sang a mandarin song with a piano accompaniment, that he arranged by himself. LIKE AAHHH. i wanted to squeal like crazy. n then clint comes along and does his thang, singing too! and obviously i was hyper as ever cuz come on, its ay ers im talking about! n then during intermission i run around finding ppl i havent seen in forever. chuey, mish, sheena, kai, tian, clint, henry, susie! and the list could go on. and gawd dennis' eyes are puny! hahaha though some parts were a drag cuz of the nerdy, but really good performances. so worth it! okay i should really stop talking now. so hyper. and i was so mad cuz i couldnt find my digicam, and i come home and now its there right in front of me. madmadmadmadmad. okay no worries i'm seeing them soon so :):):) smiles! oh yeah and i gave tn birthday beats. he voluntarily just stood there and let me beat him up. good nights. i could go snowtubing tomoro, but then i wouldnt get anything done on time. so.. pooo~