Saturday, March 12, 2005


mmmmmk so yesterday i was kinda like uneasy the whole day my mind wasnt concentrated on finishing up homework nd ish. i didnt eat breakfast or lunch, just a pizza pocket cuz i knew i was buffeting with ayers at frankies later. so tom comes by and drops me an application form for chandos, nd just out of manners i asked him to come in. but hahahah i dint know what to do with him when he came in. and y'all know i'm tres short. so he's like standing in my messy house... towering over me. hahha it was SO awkward cuz i dint know what to say. so after like random retarded comments i was like.. umm so... you wanna go now? n then he was like o.o okaay. LOL n then i showed him out the door. oh well he was so nice to come by during a snowy trafficky day. n then my aunt calls me and tells me that she's so scared to slip into a car accident cuz the streets were so icy, she cancels on me. so i'm like uh oh what to do, i needa be at frankies in like an hour. so i like frantically call tian. tian tells me to call chuey. chuey tells me to call jaychan. and jay's dad is so incredibly nice. he drove all the way from leslie and steeles to yonge and steeles. and yesterday, steeles was like majorly MAJORLY trafficky. n so i'm in like his car with kai too. hahaha it was so jokes. but i'm not gonna say wat was funny cuz then it wont be funny after. alalla okay so on steeles it was packed like crazy and we couldnt move. so as smart as jay's dad was he just took another route. while all the other ay-ers were stuck in traffic, ON STEELES. hahah so jokes. we were supposed to get there at 6, n we ended up getting there at around 7ish. i think karan, tim, ray, lukas and some other ppl were there already. tian and adil were supposed to be there first. tsk tsk hahaha stuck on steeles. and we ended up like waiting til 7 45 to get our tables when we were supposed to get them at 6. oh well so it ended up being 23 ppl coming including me. we were so freaking loud. hahaha westley gave tian a humping dog. EW! henry got tian a tie. and i dint get him anything so i feel bad. i think im gonna go buy him something today... or tomoro. gotta get merke char jae and christine something anyways. mmm okay and we're all eating, so its really typical. random camera flashes everywhere. i looks tres gay in my pictures so hopefully i look better in other ppls cameras? then tian got the famous frankie's celebration. hahaha took videos. and tian and henry were playing with the balloon sucking in the helium. it doesnt work with tian cuz apparently his voice is high enough? LOL so it works with henry its so jokes. got videos. ummm oh yeah before the dinner right? i said how i didnt eat breakfast or lunch. hahah so when we were waiting for our tables, my tummy hurt a lot since i was starving. lol so after i could finally smell the food and even eat it. i was kinda like digging in, thankfully not like a savage. so i ate so much that my tummy hurt cuz i was so full. i contradict myself. oh sighs. mmm yeah so i had a great night. funny funny. oh well this'll prolly be my last blog for a bit. i feel like xanga-ing now :)