Sunday, March 20, 2005

hope & passion

that was the theme for this year's agape winter retreat. i hafta say i wasnt too excited for it, but i went anyways. started out with the bus ride, n then there was the awaited question asked. we got lost but got there in a bit. the next morning started some mind boggle for me. wasnt happy, or sad. everything was fun, we played european football. mmm next day we played this other game n it was real fun. then i played "pingminton" with johnny, lol so jokes. then went rockclimbing and now my arms are sore. worship was okay, except i didnt sing a lot cuz my voice was still kinda lost from tc. played two games of scrabble, it rocked. played many games of blackjack, it rocked too. food was narsty, and formed many friendships and renewed old ones which was really cool. sad to say i still felt mediocre spiritually... oh well.

yeah yeah i'm back from xanga, or wherever i was. meh, got lots to do. maybe i'll persuade my mom to let me stay home tomoro to catch up on stuff since i'm so exhausted.

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thanks for making me smile this weekend you guys...