Monday, May 16, 2005


so i'm only going to think as far back as friday. heading out for metro to meet up with ayers. only to find out that my 60e bus was not coming. and so i walk aaaallll the way to willowdale from where i live, on a rainy day! n then so we meet up i get all hyped. well surprise surprise, all good things come to and end. i lose my wallet. actually, someone STOLE my wallet because if i lost it, i wouldnt know where i last left it. where in that case, i never left my seat. like come on, metro's food court isnt that big. its like 2 steps and youre there from the counter and back to your seat. so we all concluded that someone stole it, cuz thats the only reason why its not there. so i'm like pretty frustrated andi felt really crappy, and i'm so incredibly grateful for those lovely people who tried to cheer me up. so i go for t3c coffeehouse for a bit, but i had to leave cuz my daddy was being paranoid and made me go the police station. like ahahah who does that for a stolen wallet. but ehh, i miss it. all my pictures, memories, gone, just like that. in half an hour's time to notice it wasnt with me anymore.

n then saturday, i go shopping with my mommy for heels for my dress. and so we bought a pair, 4 inches. highest i've ever bought, and itll only go that high. hahaha otherwise i really cant walk. i'm gonna trip and fall in 5 mins after i wear em.

sunday after church i go to josh's house. well me and josh end up wasting our effort on an unfinished cardboard tv. josh and davy were owning me in ps2 streetballing. foosball/jitz (just for those who argue which one its supposed to be called) with davy and jo mostly cuz maddie and josh just plainly suck. eyetoy or parapara as i like to call it. we have like no coordination whatsoever. ahha we such tarded people. n then pizza. i'm such a crazyazz with adults. i think i should stop.

lol and today was the first day campaigning, well supposedly. man my poster skills suck. i really gotta appreciate my artistic friends more, they come in handy. (no, i am SO not using you guys =P) so now off to my accounting homework...