Sunday, May 08, 2005

went to jay's game yesterday. its been a while since i've been down at the skydome, wait now its called the rogers centre. what a boring name. but wow, i thought the dome would be pretty empty but it was pretty hype outside and inside everytime we got a run or a homerun anyway. i spent like half of my time there explaining baseball to my mom but in the end she got pretty bored of it. so we left after fifth inning since i had to go to jo's party anyway. this was the day i found out that my mom was afraid of heights, it was pretty funny. n then went to jo's party. met a few new people. ian got in a car crash, poor him. finally met devlin. we went to the park to play vball and soccer and others just chilled or played football. we went back to the house and we played mj and foosball where other people danced and played poker. then i went homeeeeeee... i saw so many cute kiddies, it makes me want a lil bro or even a kid of my own. hahaha until that dayyy.. but anyway, i'm single again. joyy, kinda. i'm feeling kinda under the weather, but i'm sure i'll get over it