Friday, June 17, 2005

oooh book/uniform sale today. i never thought i'd be blogging about this but this is definitely something to remember. spent all morning running around getting my books, and wow i swear my mom has such a big influence on me. i was bargaining SO MUCH. after i bargained for all my buyable books there, i ran around helping ppl bargain. ahhaha its fun! but way too chinese if you ask me. oh well and yet again it was nice seeing school people again. as much as i dont like school, i love the ppl!

so i end up going back home boring my brains out. we shulda been packing. i couldve ended up somewhere with dana or at aivos or watching batman with ayers. oh well... so much for packing, which reminds me, i still havent even started...

and if you birthday people for today. DANA, VANESSA, BYRON ever come across this sometime in the future. HAPPY SWEET SIXTEENS TO DANA AND VANESSA. AND HAPPY SEVENTEENTH TO BYRON.

well so longggg, i'll be home on june 30 :) for those who dint write me plane letters, which is the majority of you (since i dint ask, silly me) you can email me them! i'll be checkin. miss you all tons!