Thursday, June 16, 2005

hmmm so i woke up today to the sound of my phone ringing, which turned out to be my mom nagging again. and then i linger around at home til it was time for me to head out once again towards the desperate destination thing called ay. so everyone's chillin outside, dennis gave me a bike ride that dint last too long cuz it hurt my crotch since i wasnt sitting on the seat. n then after sometime we finally walk to the bus stop. with talking about probs and ish, wow ahahha, too dramatic i should say. n then we bus to fv, we really had no clue where we were going. everyone was so mellow after that talk and ish, especially dilly. he wasnt himself. as i would say dryly, "he's usually the person you'd tell to shut up" we walk around the mall and eat, then we took booth pics and as always they end up being a workout. we look so gay. ahhaha so saki was like "okay we'll give the guys the ones we look good in and we'll take the ones we look bad in" EXACTLY what i was thinking. and surprisingly, jen bri dani helen and britt were there too eating! mmm n then we spend our time at the disney store. eheheheh! we all got so excited over the talking puppets. ahhahahah fun fun, and then we go our separate ways. ahahha subway ride was interesting to school. dennis found his way in through four quarters, whereas dilly just walked by. whoa smooth. i kept dissing dilly (SORRY!) n then dilly and dennis stole the HUNK MONTH poster. ahhaha n then we just totally had this thing over the words HUNK MONTH cuz it sounded german. mmm it was funny then.

well grad overall was boring. the ceremony part anyways cuz i only stayed for that. but it was nice seeing ppl again! all the grads *teears* i'm gonna miss them. and wow teachers came back. mr fuller, mr hiebert and miss fox. the three teachers that contributed to the coolness of the faculty, or should i say lack of. but theyre definitely ppl i miss. roz and former grads came back too which i was tres happy to see. too bad i dint get to stay for the reception. oh well, whenever God decides to cross our paths again, i'll be ready :) man i think we were really disruptive in the balcony. tsk tsk, we really prove the teen stereotype of rowdiness to be true. i flung my livestrong out of the balcony into the bottom floor. I WAS COMPLETELY RED. like omw i felt so stupid. mmm and other stuff happened but i wont go into detail, since i dont remember the details!

oh and i love the disney store! i cant wait til i step foot into disney world again hehehehhe ^^V
remind me to never make that lil face again.