Tuesday, June 14, 2005

past feeew days

and so saturday was like pretty weird, i show up at hsc only to find out i couldnt have my interview cuz i dint have my reference letters ready. and thennn i went to pmall, my sister went to get a facial. which dint really work out. and thennn i lingered around til it was time to go to j-squared at buffet city. i would say it was interesting, not very like WOW but okay. i liked the chocolate dipped strawberries the most, haha everything else was craaap. n then we have this lil moment after in the corner. andd thennn since we were a large group we like totally raided the bus to go to chuey's house. hahaha ppl kept toppling over the strangers on the bus. and thenn i kept giving kai silent treatment cuz he deserved it. and thennn when we get to chuey's house. all his floors (he has five floors) were like mobbed out. hahaha well for me, i dint really fit in by the xbox, nor the piano, nor the tv, so i sat in the chill room where ppl basically mo liu for. hahaha n then there was another lil moment where one needed hugs. our game of pig with dares dint last very long after mish and henry did their "lapdance" LOL it kinda died down. then we played catch hahaha, kai is just obsessed with my buttocks.

ooooooohhh got my g1 on monday. i was like praying praying praying that i would pass. ND i did. there's your proof for all you peepz that doubt that God doesnt answer prayers. i wasnt like really ready for it. it was pretty much impromptu. walk in (i really dint know what i was doing) n then i basically gave the woman my id my info n then suddenly she tells me to stand somewhere, n then i wasnt even ready to take my pic. but she took it anyway. oh well its only g1. so writing the test i was pressed for 30 minutes. but the sound of writing a 40 question test in 30 minutes sounds nerveracking though i only used 20 minutes of it. so i dint get PERFECT.. hahaha 16/20 (just passed!) and 18/20. yeah hahahah

todayyyyy i went to ddc training, yeah it was repetitive. same thing every year. but imagine what the directors hafta do. they've been thru it more than me so i should really stop complaining. n then i walk to ay. betty and all my other lovers were there :) went thru english and guitar class all over again. and as usual, pretty borling. hmm i thought last week was more fun. maybe cuz ppl werent studying for exams last week like they did today. annnd christian fellowship. it was outreach, so it was fun. except ppl kept coming in and stealing food then leaving. oh well its rude but meh, we're still doing all we can to spread God's love. then jayho drove me home. and i'm sad dennis is moving to west philly!

we just got tornadoed? say whaaaaaat?!