Sunday, October 16, 2005


i actually listened to the sermon today. whether the pastors leveled down, or i had to level up to them.

and this is for you people who don't go to my church to hear this...

the whole sermon was about community, cuz my church is about to go through 40 days of community, you know, the continuation of 40 days of purpose. and then it lead to talking about interpersonal relationships. i know it spoke to everyone in that room.

now that we're in the 21st century, everything is constantly changing... apparently for the better. just because we have faster access to many things, and some in more compact sizes, its supposedly better. but look at what the Internet has done to us. When most relationships in the past were developed face to face or on the phone in the past, when it was the more genuine kind as the stronger relationships had a firm foundation, putting no mask on... we now have what we call the computer. a lot of our social life now is spent on the computer, whether it be on community webpages or messenger. suddenly a lot of conversations take place, friendships being formed on the net (ie. zuup - no hard feelings to those who enjoy it), people spazzing out on msn but ending up in person there goes the silent treatment, or, the common one, professing one's undying love to another... lol, many are guilty of that one including me harhar.

even as it looks like the world is improving, its really deteriorating, whether physically or not. just take a look at your community. is it growing more distant because of a sudden preoccupation with the Internet?

well i know my thoughts are all jumbled up, but whatever. it was just that it hit me that communities are so much more distant now. ehhh... hahaha