Tuesday, October 25, 2005

to thank you out of the blue

i just had this sudden pull towards gratefulness.
towards being grateful for what i've been blessed with
blessed with people like yourselves

JO: for constant reminders of how much fun we used to have and will have

BEE: for still sticking by after all these years

JEN: for everything so far, putting up with my stupidity all the time at school. its been a roller coaster ride *winkkk*

KAI: you're honestly sensational. sibs4lyfe :)

JAY: surprisingly still my BFF

AYERS+BETTY: for still trying to make an effort to keep in touch

MILLY: for understanding every aspect and for everything that we've both gone through, you've been there

NATE: for keeping me sane, for keeping me happy, and for keeping me while i'm keeping you.