Sunday, November 13, 2005

to you

for every smile you've put on my face
for every laugh you've made me look back on
for every kiss you've placed on my lips
for every hug to keep me warm
for every rush that's sent chills up my spine and back down
for every moment spent as friends
for every moment spent more than friends
for every time spent with your family
for every time you've taught me something
for every poem you've written me
for every hope
for every day
for every dream
for every memory
for every love
for every part of you, down to your toenails
for every thing you've done
i thank you, i miss you, and i love you

and i love you for who you are and who you will become

so here's to us, and cheers for a stronger friendship
and here's to many things i'll look forward to.
the many places i was supposed to take you.
and will take you.

and make no mistake, you're still as great as ever.