Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today was again to me, a very well spent day.
Fast food with the kids (in reference to my siblings)
An AY and DMCI visit... I know I don't go to school with any of them but I feel like I always have. You guys are great, seriously. It's fun just sitting around and chilling. Thanks for the yearbook, Chuey... Now spell my name properly.

Thank you to everyone for all the hugs - I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE!
Will Shin you are crazy. I can't believe you went on for 5 minutes straight talking in Korean to me as if I understood.

VBALL. I thought it was going to be beach so I dressed for the occasion. Oh well it was just indoor volleyball... It's been a while since I hung out with Agape people like that. It makes me kinda sad just thinking about how we're never gonna fellowship the same way ever again.

Anyway, thanks for keeping me company and tolerating my craziness. :)