Monday, July 02, 2007

i'm feelin' great!

I just had my last gym training before I jet off to HK. It was the last but it was the best. There were so little people and I felt especially pumped to show improvement.

Basically it was satisfying and I can't wait to come back from HK so I can do more conditioning/training. Coach is great, people are encouraging and things are finally coming together. :)

I'm staying home tomorrow basically to wrap up everything in Toronto in preparation of my long six weeks. I think I am going to need to find a library for source of Internet to update this blog and to reach everyone back home and locally in HK but hopefully I can outdo my mom and persuade her into thinking that I'm not gonna rot at home when there's an available computer around. HEHE.

I'm trying to find some drop-in hiphop dance classes for me to join while I'm there so I still keep my fitness. If not, I guess jogging helps.

Right now, I really need to figure out some last minute university stuff so I'm not going crazy. People aren't emailing back like they said they would. I lost my first year calendar and sites are confusing!

Thank you to Richard today for hosting a well-needed chill out pool party. Thanks for organizing, running around getting the food, taking care of everyone. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!