Thursday, July 05, 2007

safe & sound

I arrived in HK pretty early July 5 2PM. I thought I was gonna arrive in the evening. Once I stepped outside the beautiful airport I could already sense that I was probably gonna hate the weather here. It's not even HOT per se, it's just stuffy. Like the musky weather just lingers around you and stuffs your nose.

Anyway, I subtlely squeal inside me at a sight of a Caucasian. You can already tell that I'm missing Toronto even though Toronto is very heavily dominated by Asians. I can't wait to see everybody that's over there. The first thing I did when I got home was call everybody's numbers I knew in Hong Kong.

So the place I'm living in is at my grandparent's house in Happy Valley. It's very different from where I was used to living the past two times I've visited HK. It's a lot... older, and... stinkier I guess. I swear my grandparents are obsessed with mothballs or something. And it definitely doesn't help my when my grandpa is a Buddhist so there's the daily incense going up now and then. Oh well, I guess I have to live with it. I've already been stocking up on the air fresheners. LOL

It rains everyday here apparently so I can never go wrong by bringing an umbrella out just in case. I also don't sleep with a blanket; that's how hot it is. I have a big feeling I'm gonna get fat real soon 'cause my grandma keeps making me eat her food even if I'm not hungry and I JUST got here.

The airplane ride wasn't as bad as I thought it would. The newly renovated planes with the personal TVs and headrests in economy class definitely enhanced the ride. PFFT who needs first class. :D

Hope everyone's having a lovely time back at home or wherever you guys are. This summer's gonna go by WAY too fast so cherish the moments that you have!

Love you and thinking of you all~