Friday, July 06, 2007

Day Two:

Waking up bright and early seems to be part of my daily routine now I don't know why. It just so happens that I wake up before 7AM naturally. I think maybe the sun rises earlier or my family's just really loud in the morning when my grampa goes to do his morning exercises.

Speaking of exercises, I must do some myself. I already feel myself packing on some weight and it hasn't even been three days. I can't wait 'til I get to dance though. Thanks to Mike, I've found a drop-in studio nearby that I can go to. :)

I think I'm spending the day with the Kwan-ster today so I can't wait. It's been a freakin' long while since we've done so.

I had lunch at Pizza Hut yesterday. The restaurants here are so much nicer than it would be in Toronto or North America for that matter. Pizza hut here is like practically almost fine dining at an affordable price. Their selections are so much nicer and you'd want to stay there for more than the quick time than you would back home. YUMM FOOD.

People here stare at me a lot. I dunno, do I really look like that much of a tourist? Do I really draw that much attention just because I dress differently? Anyway, I guess it can't be too bad that people find me fascinating in one way or another LOL.

My parents really want to spend the next week in Shanghai, but I am adamantly refusing. I wonder what is to happen. If that is the case, I will hardly be spending any time in the streets of Hong Kong until August. I don't think I really want that. *crosses fingers* LEAVE ME ALONE THANKS!

On another note, it gets kinda depressing sometimes shopping. Everything's really nice here so I want to buy everything. :( I've already covered my eyes and walked away from a lot of nice stores so I wouldn't feel sad.

Alright I'm off to CARPE DIEM so fare thee well!!!

BTW, I'm typing this 12 hours ahead of Toronto time so whatever the time posts... yeah you get the drift.