Monday, August 27, 2007

hit me

I can't believe in 6 days I'll be leaving home. My mother dearest has been nagging me all summer about how I should prepare for university, especially my residence lifestyle. It's especially getting to me this last week - I'm being so irritable at her constant nagging of what I should buy. Underneath, I know she's trying to take care of me, making sure I have the best of everything. I love that about her. In another sense, I think she's only doing so much because I'm not doing anything at all. What am I doing when I say I really want to move out? How much of home am I going to miss?

A lot of it I bet.

This summer's been full of a lot of stuff for me to remember and live by. I really can't believe it's flown by so fast. Jayho's leaving tomorrow. And the ACPers are leaving on Wednesday.

Camping this weekend was expected to be the same as last year. In some cases, last year was way better. In another sense, I've met some of the nicest people. Despite the leaking tent from the thunderstorm and minor injuries as expected, the last night partying made up for it. Ryan, Rory, Alyssa, Nikki, Kerrie, Woogie and Greg - thanks for showing us a good time. And the usual crew, you know the drill - it's never a bore with you guys.

Maybe this happened so that I would forget about you. Maybe it's about time I stop holding on. This part of me is crazy but I think it might be okay.