Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Now that I can actually spend time and chill in Hong Kong, I'm already starting to wish I had more time. Summer's already half over and there are still so many things left for me to do and BUY.

I've really only been buying clothes and random other petty items. I still have a lot of money left over and I'm probably not going to spend it until my last desperate days to rid of all my HKDs.

Seeing a bunch of people lately that I haven't seen in forever, but I still have so many other people to see! Bahh... Tomorrow I'm spending time with the PCA boys and Kathy, hopefully later I can squeeze in some time for another late night hangout and then on Friday with Jo, Vincci and Viv again. I think I might be spending another day with Jarvis on Saturday but who knows... If not, I needa call up some other people...
And on Sunday I really wanna go to church, but apparently I promised my uncle I'd head over to Sha Tin to watch his horse race for the first time. Sigh* Maybe I can leave early..