Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In All Honesty

I'm still waiting for the one that slow dances with me to some John Coltrane. The one that kisses my forehead from time to time as we cook dinner together on a rainy night. The one that wraps me up in his arms so deeply that I can only get lost in him. The one that stays up all night to watch the stars with me in a warm and fuzzy blanket until the sun rises. The one that sings me to sleep in a tone so soft, I can only guess the song while breathing in his voice, knowing that he will always cure my insomnia. The one that watches me sleep and secretly kisses me, asking for nothing in return. The one that fights for me no matter what nonsense my insecurities may pull because he knows me better than I know myself. The one man enough to handle me but soft enough to cradle me. The one that goes fishing with my father. The one I can see fathering my kids. I'm still waiting...


I don't know if this description is someone you already have to be or someone you develop into ... I think I might have to take the latter.