Monday, July 06, 2009

In with the old, and out with the new!

As my current budget does not allow me to have impulsive spending habits on shopping for new clothes and new shoes ... I figure why not dig through my mom's old wardrobe? Lo and behold, I've taken a liking to her former younger style. I've already claimed old belts and purses... As for shoes, I feel like the ugly stepsister to a Cinderella, if you know what I mean. I've found a lot of skirts and shirts in her closet lately and I am now claiming ownership. I'm sure these hand-me-downs can be handed down further to my future daughter hehe.

Anyways, there isn't much to complain about nowadays. And on another note, I should really be more considerate, yes, yes I should. I will work on that.

Summer school is almost over and this is a crucial month in which there are many things for me to catch up on and yet at the very same time so many things not to miss. There should be more hours in a day, honestly.

I miss high school. Meeting up with old friends revived this nostalgia in me that I know I will forever have. We all complained about how annoying our school was but in the end, I don't regret going at all. I just wish my little brother could have the same experience... :(