Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Kite Runner

I just finished this beautifully written novel, by my count, the ninth one I've read this summer. Before I embark on reviewing this novel, I have to say that there is nothing like being immersed in a book. Film adaptations are never up to par with the way novels can draw you into another world and make you feel like you are actually the protagonist.

You feel every emotion, you know/imagine every thought (depending on the perspective of which it was written), and you are suddenly in another world.

I discover books by recommendation and word of mouth and it makes me wonder why I've never heard of this novel until this year when it was published four years ago and an Oscar-nominated film was adapted two years ago.

But anyway, watch the film and then read the book... or vice versa... for those who haven't read or watched it yet. I am currently contemplating on whether or not I should watch the films at all because films never do me justice and alter the way I envision characters and settings initially.

My eyes watered now and then and I really hope my colleagues didn't hear me sniffling.

Now I'm off to finish the Harry Potter saga before the sixth movie launches its release in just 8 days! (P.S. The Twilight Saga is so so so boring ...)

For you, a thousand times over.