Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bandwagon Vendetta

'Bandwagons' usually become more apparent in times of intense competition when your circle of friends or the circle of friends beyond that becomes segregated into which team they're supporting whether it be in the NBA, NHL, or even now, the World Cup.

People often express dislike for those supposed 'bandwagoners'. However, the people who exceed the level of annoyingness of 'bandwagoners' are those who feel the need to prove to the world that they're the truest fans of whichever sport, whichever team.

No one cares? No one cares that you've watched almost every single game. Good for you, you have no life. Tell the world how watching that almost every single game has taught you anything about life and helped you be productive in life... and I'm pretty sure that's not the case .... unless you're planning to work for that organization.

Pretty sure your watching almost every single game doesn't have any effect on how successful your team will be.

Also, just because people don't broadcast their love for whichever sport, whichever team over the entire season, it doesn't define their level of support. And just because you obnoxiously post a lot of stuff online, doesn't make you a 'true fan' either.

If people are going to be watching a game, habitually or not, they are inevitably going to feel a sudden liking towards one or the other, maybe both. That's not called jumping aboard the bandwagon, that's called a natural human tendency to identify with something or the other.

/end rant.