Monday, June 14, 2010

Life Update

Haven't written about random things in a while so here goes.

Ever since I moved out to go live in my university town, my room has gotten significantly messier. I distinctly remember leaving it very neat and tidy. The mess has been a combination of numerous people using my room as a guest room and me moving back in during my breaks and somehow, I never have closet space and must resort to living out of my suitcase for the duration of my stay.

My university career's almost coming to an end and as scary as it sounds to finally be done school, I really can't wait to finally be done school. These past three years, I've gone through numerous changes - academically and mentally. I went to Western with a plan and throughout my time there, I found myself continually changing that plan. Now that school's almost done, I have pretty definite idea of where I want to be within the next three years and God-willing and grades-willing, I hope that I won't have to change that plan.

I realize I haven't been as present as I should be in many of the friendships I've retained and recently rekindled - namely that I hardly have any time beyond my work-school-study-boyfriend-family-sleep-eat schedule. I truly feel very apologetic to my friends and nostalgic of my former socialite days. I made the effort to go out this past Friday to see at least 30 people; these people who I have fond memories of and still bring a smile to my face. However, as much as I love and miss them, and as much as they are the same loving people to me, I feel like I have changed a lot. No longer am I hyper and as happy-go-lucky-I-don't-have-a-care-in-the-world as I was, but I am more reserved. Reserved in such a way that I just observe. I observe how I used to be so carefree. I guess we all grow up eventually, some earlier than others.