Sunday, August 22, 2010


Despite my final mark saying otherwise, I did learn a lot out of my marketing textbook (not from my prof). Anyways..

Being in HK, I'm surrounded by many more retail stores, and many more luxury brands in every district leading to much temptation for large and numerous purchases. Prior to my arrival I was determined to buy one luxury branded bag... As I continue to shop and as I continue to contemplate whether my expenditure would be worth it, I slowly drift away from my original plan to buy one.

Are we all puppets? In all honesty, just 'cause a Valentino brand and a $$$$$ price tag is slapped on something, doesn't make it beautiful nor practical. Some people buy for the brand, others for the supposed quality. A person decked out in complete Burberry plaid doesn't look respectable, they just end up looking like a clown. Louboutins aren't actually all that comfortable to wear but somehow people would pay hundreds of dollars for those red soles.

I still like my brands ... I just don't know if a few thousand dollar price tag on something is worth it :S...

Someone tell me otherwise! I have such a dilemma shopping in HK!

Is buying a large purchase an investment? Classic Chanel purses are getting more and more rare and they've increased the prices. You could perhaps resell your purse at a higher cost than what you originally paid for it...

I really did want to walk away with a monogrammed bag, but now I'm leaning towards bags that show no devotion to any particular brand, and as such no particular suggested retail price.