Friday, October 22, 2004


i just finished shopping at hillcrest for jeans. well first for champs anyways. i cant find the pink champs that footlocker hillcrest. haha pheebs i saw j-parks though. well at least i think its him. but anyway, i wanted the white champs but my mom said wait til boxing day lol. so thennn i went to try on other jeans at jacob but they dint fit me cuz they dint fit my beyooteeful buttocks. lol so then i went to guess. NYYYCE jeans. so i got one. so i guess that kinda cheered me up materialistically. then i went to church to pick up my bro, n then mark asked me if i wanted a rose. lol but i said no. cuz he was weird. yeah..anyways i love my mom but the way shes handling this problem isnt the right way. but i'll keep praying for her and my dad. its sad how there are avoidances even in the home. but thank God for deeeeaaannaa chow. i love you for comforting me, sharing with me and actually letting me know i'm not alone. for advice and ish. and i love everyone else for prayers, i love everyone else for their tlc. well neways what really cheers me up is the christmas spirit. though i wont go into the deeper side of christmas just the happyy..presents wishes side. so here it is

christmas wish list

  1. pink champs, or at least white
  2. new sweat pants
  3. nice shirts
  4. new kicks

my more grown up christmas list

  1. a white christmas
  2. my family would remember the true meaning of Christmas
  3. every one of my friend's unspokens solved
  4. for a mended family

and i would rather have those above than getting my presents on my wish list...oh well the clock's tickin away so i'm gonna leave this blog at that..