Friday, July 20, 2007

Gateway Camp

A time away from the usual friends and family was definitely a scary thought. And even though I dreaded going, I changed my mindset and instantly started enjoying myself. I had a lot of fun getting to meet new people from all over the world and within my group. This is something I am going to remember forever. As well, it's honestly been a while since I've really spent time with God and I got to do it this week. I learned lots about God, about China, about people. I got to do a lot of the things I wanted even within confinement. I survived dehydration and crappy food. I will never take Toronto for granted ever again.

Highlights would include trying to masculinize Charlie, dancing, the random games we would play to kill our time, devotions, evening rallies, Texas hottie, etc.

I also met a guy yesterday night and it's killing me to remember his name and how I'm ever going to meet him again. LOL

Well I'm off to China again. But first, I have to meet up with my cousin dearest tonight otherwise it'll be ages before I see her again.

Oh, I saw some celebrities today in Causeway Bay. I wasn't crazy ecstatic 'cause they are not to par with Edison or Daniel Wu. SIGH* ANDDDDDDD I saw Kevin Ng (the twin of Marcus Ng) after like... 3 years! OMG.

My next update is when I come back from missions... oh dear computer how I will miss thee.