Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am weak.

As you scroll towards the end of the post, you will notice the absurd time of day at which I am awake at. Why you ask? I will tell you. Just one sec.

After I woke up from my long nap, say... around 7PM. It was time to feed my ever-so-hungry tumtum. After getting food... might as well accompany it with a movie or a show or something right? Well it started out with a suggestion of The Holiday as I was feeling quite festive... as always you should know by now. And then it moved onto, while-waiting-for-the-movie-to-download-let's-watch-Gossip-Girls-since-Rachel-hasn't-seen-it-before (for a very good reason, I might add -- I'll explain in a bit). So you know, the show starts... and my, all these neurotransmitters from the show totally kick in and totally make me ADDICTED. ADDICTED I TELL YOU!!!

The thing is, the movie didn't end up getting watched. More episodes kept feeding me... and now I want more. This is the very reason why my DC++ is not up and why I so adamantly refused to start any TV series in the first place. My heart breaks for my weakness.

:(:(:( I am sad. I succumbed.

Well I currently finished halfway through on my top secret operation which will be revealed in two days' time. I have every intention to study. I will study. In a bit.

My life is over.
Fare thee well.