Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have a mild case of ADD.

So... I'm here 'cause I want to rant about how I have a disorder.

I think I prepared well for my MIT exam but I don't think I did well on it - does that make any kind of sense? I'm not going to talk about it further otherwise I will be depressed.

After the exam, I spent a little time with Robert before I sent him on his way back to Toronto - what an funny guy. I miss HK so much more now. So after, I made my way back to my room and begged roomie to let me watch an episode of GG for therapy. It was good - I teared at the end. I haven't teared in a while. And then... I slept my feelings out.

And now? Why am I not studying? I don't want to >.< but I'll regret this tomorrow after I write this. I am in deep contemplation of whether or not I should start 286 sweatshop today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow...

I'm still so dam distracted this is gonna suck. My roomie and I have been yelling... out loud for many reasons. Okay... must... focus... ahhhhhhhhhhh...