Saturday, December 15, 2007

Since I've Been Back

After a totally rushed morning I had yesterday 'cause after telling myself I was just going to sleep for 10 more minutes, I slept for two more hours. It wasn't too bad, although I left a couple of really important things - case and court letters. Ah... hopefully the latter will turn out alright. Which reminds me... I need to write some emails... NTS: Goo Jerng, Carmen, Uncle Bill.

Basically roomie and I just went to Eaton Centre to kill time, whether we liked it or not - we were really exhausted though. We met up with Pheebs and walked around for a really short while and ended up just chilling in her room and then went back uptown to eat some Chinese food (mmmm... finally!) and then I went home and just chilled.

Today woke up bright and (too) early for a movie - it was entertaining nevertheless. Shopped at Yorkdale for a while (I'm happy with my few purchases!), went to my dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and ended up at Promenade for a short while with my maja. I dunno, I feel like I should be in a bigger shopping mood with Christmas nearing and all but everything comes off as so expensive now. I always knew things were overpriced for what they were worth but after that marketing unit with all that markup costs and stuff, I honestly think that nothing that's laid out is really worth it. Maybe I'm just bitter 'cause I am in dire need of job. I think I feel this way 'cause this is the first time in two years that I haven't had income and it just takes a little getting used to.

Hmm.. I wished for snow. Now I'm not so sure that it's in my favour 'cause now it's not always safe to drive which means transportation is lacking which means going out will be lacking which means staying home is increasing.

Okay on to the happy stuff! Mmm home cooked meals and mmm my own big bed with soft covers and pillows and everything and mmm to family and mmm to friends who I haven't seen in so long.

So when I'm bored I tend to go through Bumper Stickers on Facebook 'cause they're so amusing. I came across this one that caught my eye and made me think. I always know what to do in situations like this whether I do it or not but this one quote just put it in another perspective for me.
"When life knocks you down to your knees, just remember that you are in the perfect position to pray."

We should be in constant prayer nevertheless but that just emphasizes how much we need God.