Monday, December 03, 2007


"If you make time for God, He will give you more time than you imagined." - B.Y.

I really should be working/studying just because I feel like I am so pressed for time. There's so much to think about... there's so much need for me to just settle down and stop stressing about everything and just...
But I promise right after this I will put my entire focus into... compsci. MY BEST FRIEND!!! And the marketing report that I am so determined to do well in.

Coming out of high school, I have begun to realize I wasn't as smart as I was, I'm not diligent enough like others - dam you keeners. It's such a big pressure for me to live up to standards. I guess in everything... I just gotta do my best.

I love Bible verses... after those long nights where I could be studying but instead I was fellowshipping with my B.A.S.I.C., it was so worth the sacrifice. God isn't limited by time and space and neither should we. I will spend as much time as I can with ACF and KCF - it's so rewarding...

Anyway it's snowing like crazy here - I love the feeling of it. It means snowboarding is coming and so are mmmm hot chocolates and just warming up with a big group of people. =)=)=)

Picture time!

So that's in Montreal with my girls; small group fun; and back in October for Sam&Jer's 21st.