Friday, September 19, 2008

With a Cherry on Top

Second year has definitely been quite the change from what I was as a froshie.
1. People will keep coming into my life and right back out.
2. Setting my priorities seems so much easier now... My going to the library to finish work and studying is more frequent and so is staying in touch with my family and closest friends in the world.
3. Despite my zeal for versatility, I have joined less clubs than I would have liked to but my energy and my schedule just will not allow it.

I miss being young, wild, free HAHA ie. like going out every weekend but I also like this part of growing up. You start enjoying being at home, saving money and spending some sweet time with quite possibly a significant other :)

I am a bit sad not being able to return home this weekend given that it is my parents` birthdays and I miss the bee-eff dearly :(. Yah I know I am being a pansy and I might just be too sensitive for my own good but I cannot help it. I miss him and I know he does too teehee.

Fruit at the bottom.